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Zero skateboard review

15 Jun , 2011   Video

Cool skate clip with Zero skateboard review. Enjoy! Great skater or not? In Arkansas with my board. Catch more teasers, videos and movies from, ZERO Skateboards about Zero skateboard review. Review your favorite clip, share or leave a comment! Like and Subscribe!

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  1. Shivani says:

    All three are great rides, however I ltnorgsy recomed renting the modle you want to try first. You are going to have it for a long time.Its fun to try 3 or 4 different boards in one day.There is so much good stuff out there its not even funny.You did not mention salomon, ride or forum. Between burton, rossi or atomic get rossi. they have been around as long if not longer than burton, plus you are getting the same amount of board for less money. the one on sale can get more lift tix. try lookig for one taht comes with free stuff, like a free lift ticket or free hot waxes and maitance. enjoy

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