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Longboarding: Dane, Thane Stains & Brian pt.1

3 Feb , 2012   Video

See this cool video, Longboarding: Dane, Thane Stains & Brian pt.1. View and enjoy! Mad or crazy? Original’s Brian Bishop, Loaded’s Dane Webber and director Sam Weaver team up for a three part series blurring the lines between longboard teams while laying down some thane lines of their own. Dane is rocking the Bhangra while Brian is on a prototype Original Freeride 41.. Catch more teasers, videos and movies from, Original Skateboards about Longboarding: Dane, Thane Stains & Brian pt.1. Review your favorite clip, share or leave a comment! Like and Subscribe!

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  1. Neide says:

    just watch skating vioeds of people doing the tricks that you wanna learn or ask people at your local skate shop/skate park.don’t buy any trick tips books they probably won’t help,reading a book won’t help you learn a trick unless you go into the physics part of skateboarding and break down the parts of a trick.And also if you can skate everyday about 4 to 6 hours a day maybe more.That’s what i do and i learn about 5 tricks a week.And yeah Trick Tips on youtube usually don’t work because everyone skates differently

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