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Hawaii Sessions Longboarding pt.1

3 Feb , 2012   Video

Watch this fresh skate clips about Hawaii Sessions Longboarding pt.1. Like it or hate it? Soul. Adventure. Aloha. Your longboard can take you some incredible places, if you choose to follow. Part 2 now live: www.youtube.com The 5th Sessions Longboarding series in Hawaii is all about following your longboard, and your heart. Go the places you want to go. Ride your hills how you want to ride. Love your friends. They are all waiting. Go Longboard. Hawaii Sessions Longboaridng Part 1 of 11. More from Original: www.originalskateboards.com Shot in February 2009.. Catch more teasers, videos and movies from, Original Skateboards about Hawaii Sessions Longboarding pt.1. Review your favorite clip, share or leave a comment! Like and Subscribe!

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  1. celeste says:

    Original Skateboards is still a relatively new, small caonmpy. They work with a manufacturer who makes the boards and delivers it to them. Since their popularity has grown rapidly, they are working with the manufacturer to make more boards at a faster pace. Right now, their main priority is the new Apex 37, current Apex 37, and Apex 34. They also had to put out the Pintails. I’m sure they are also working on getting the other boards out too, but they might come after the Apex. The best way to find out is to send a message to Scott or Brad Imbrie either on their email or on Facebook. They usually respond back within a few days. Hope this helps you.

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