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Barcelona Longboarding pt.1

3 Feb , 2012   Video

Check out this video, Barcelona Longboarding pt.1. What do you think? Barcelona combines city streets with long downhills, what better place to test the city skate muscle of the Original Freeride 41. Original Team riders Axel and Aleix take full advantage of their new kicktails to bring Freeride / Freestyle longboarding to the streets of Europe’s most entertaining town. Interested in the board? Photos of the Freeride 38 / Freeride 41:www.facebook.com More info soon at: www.originalskateboards.com. Watch more skate videos and clips from, Original Skateboards. Vote on your favorite video, share on Facebook or leave a comment! See this cool movie, Barcelona Longboarding pt.1. Check out more clips from the same company, skater.

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