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15 Jun , 2011   Video

Watch this fresh skate clips about Anthony Pappalardo, IE, TransWorld SKATEboarding, ie. Like it or hate it? Anthony Pappalardo’s part from TransWorld SKATEboarding’s 11th video, ie The full length DVD features Mark Appleyard, Rob Dyrdek, Daewon Song, Anthony Pappalardo, Diego Bucchieri and Caine Gayle. Go to to order the full length DVD or for more skate videos.. See more stories, what happened, trailers and clips from, Transworld. Catch new teasers with Anthony Pappalardo, IE, TransWorld SKATEboarding, ie.

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  1. Ronald says:

    my 360 flips dont do that. um i guess just scoop your back foot harder or maybe your scpooin to hard? i dunno youll eventually find the g spot. front heels huh. im regular and i put the toe of my back foot on the edge of the boardso that my heel hangs way off. then my other foot is pretty much in the heelflip position then i just pop it and kick. a lot of the landing is in how you turn with your board. just try to keep your shit under you. tail slides are tough. you kinda have to lock in like w/ your truck against the edge of the box. then kinda push your tail forward with your back foot. if you dont slide much wax the shit out of it or go faster. a good way to practice getting into them is by doin tail sets on curbs. the secret is pop. you gotta have pop. you gotta be quick and snap your tail hard. then jump like a motherfucker. if you do all that you should be ollien a lot higher. and gaps, well thats balls. you got to have balls to try some stuff. take a few falls and you should be ok. and switch? well just cruise around switch a lot like when you skate somewhere skate switch. youll eventuslly find your balance and youll learn some tricks. its like starting out skating again. only tougher cuz its switch ya kno. anyways good luck.

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